At Enersec we look beyond just the technical aspects. We carefully consider structures, processes, strategy and people, addressing security within the context of your organization and business sector.

Security Audit

Auditing cyber security is an essential process for detecting critical weaknesses in your company’s architecture that must be improved.

Data Privacy

We aim to help you better understand data privacy regulations, prevent, respond to, and protect against data privacy issues.

Advisory Services

We assess your existing security posture and deliver a roadmap for business-outcome driven security strategy.


The best way to say secure can be outsourcing your cyber security to a knowledgeable and experienced partner.

Data privacy

We aim to help you better understand global rules and regulations, prevent, respond to, and protect against data privacy issues and provide strategic data protection guidelines to leadership. Through our services you’ll be able to secure a better grasp on concepts and manage the data protection requirements and issues in the jurisdictions where your company does business.

GDPR / e-Privacy Compliance

With the experience accumulated in projects delivered for international banks, telecom, energy, hotel chains, media companies (online, TV), our team looks at a number of areas of interests when performing a GDPR assessment:

  • Correlating the processing activities/personal data and systems/technologies
  • Assessment of the implementation/the effectiveness of the policies and processing procedures in the operational systems
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of security controls in operational systems
  • Analysis of architectural documents, implementation, configuration
  • Analysis of policies, procedures, regulations relevant for the analysed mechanisms

The deliverables of a GDPR assessment projects are:

  • GDPR GAP Analysis
  • GDPR Implementation Plan (incl. the prioritization of steps to be taken towards GDPR compliance)

Data Discovery and Governance

Process architecture, design and implementation of:

  • Data lineage
  • Data Catalogue
  • Data Governance

Employed technologies:

  • Cloudera/Hortonworks
  • Informatica

Identity & Consent Management

Collection, normalization and updating of customer data, including consent. Our own development includes an initial batch of consent templates ready to be used.

Data Masking

Permanent or dynamic data masking.

GDPR Rights & Requests Management

Our own developed set of applications runs on known enterprise technology and helps our client in the automation of the Right to be Forgotten, Right to Access, Data Portability and Notify processes across all parts of the infrastructure, from the registration of the request until the delivery of the data report, at the same time reducing the cost of executing these processes, reduce human error and reduce the time to answer to a Data Subject request in the required time of 30 days.