At Enersec we look beyond just the technical aspects. We carefully consider structures, processes, strategy and people, addressing security within the context of your organization and business sector.

Security Audit

Auditing cyber security is an essential process for detecting critical weaknesses in your company’s architecture that must be improved.

Data Privacy

We aim to help you better understand data privacy regulations, prevent, respond to, and protect against data privacy issues.

Advisory Services

We assess your existing security posture and deliver a roadmap for business-outcome driven security strategy.


The best way to say secure can be outsourcing your cyber security to a knowledgeable and experienced partner.

Audit Services

Business growth, IT obsolescence and new technology trends mean that every organisation’s attack surface is constantly changing. Understanding and keeping on top of new security exposures is therefore central to effective cyber risk management.
Our Security Audit services help to define, identify, classify and address weaknesses across your organisation’s on-premise and cloud networks. Integrating specialist scanning tools and experienced security professionals, we provide the advanced level of support needed to address core vulnerabilities and removes the administrative and maintenance burdens of conducting regular security evaluations in-house.

General Security Assessment

    Secure technology and operations:

  • to comply with regulations in the field
  • to check compliance with contractual requirements
  • to quantify the impact that a breach of security may have on the organisation

    Reduce operational waste:

  • to check the efficiency of the implemented security systems
  • to prevent the costs of recovery required after a security incident
  • to leverage the methodology and experience of the audit team in order to decrease the security audit delivery time (and costs)

Infrastructure and Architecture Security Reviews

We analyze the capability of your internal and external defences to detect, limit and withstand the latest cyber threats. By thoroughly reviewing current technology, processes and procedures, we enable key stakeholders to clearly understand your organisation’s security posture.
By providing support to help remedy any identified risks, we help your organisation reduce its attack surface, therefore preventing or limiting the damage a cyber breach could inflict.
Our Security Review Service utilises a range of tools, custom scripts and in-house applications to comprehensively analyse your organisation’s IT network, inside and out.

    Key benefits of vulnerability testing:

  • Gain visibility of assets
  • Understand effectiveness of defensive controls
  • Improve cyber security planning
  • Receive help addressing vulnerabilities

    What we assess:

  • External perimeter testing
  • Internal network testing
  • Website assessment

Web and Mobile Application Testing

Web applications such as websites, programs delivered over the internet and mobile apps play a vital role in day-to-day business operations. Many web apps process sensitive data such as user and financial information, which means they are frequently targeted by cybercriminals. As web apps become increasingly complex, the range of exploitable vulnerabilities is rising.
Our certified consultants are very experienced at performing both web and mobile application testing and can help your organisation identify and remediate hidden vulnerabilities. Our services cover authentication testing, authorisation testing, input validation testing, session management testing and more.

    Vulnerabilities detected by our service include:

  • Authentication weaknesses
  • Poor session management
  • Database interaction errors
  • Input validation problems
  • Flaws in application logic

Human Readiness Testing

Our Physical and Endpoint tests can be tailored to specific client requirements. Our experienced ethical hackers work closely with your in-house team to identify key security risks and develop a testing strategy to address them.

    Main testing aspects:

  • Social Engineering Atacks
  • Building Access / Facilities Management Security Audits
  • Human readiness to Spear-phishing /Targeted Malware attacks