Cybersecurity Due Diligence for M&A

    Pre and post-transaction assessment can uncover costly risks Enersec’s cyber due diligence services help you make better better-informed M&A decisions

  • Identify actual cyber security lapses or potential at-risk areas in your targets
  • Quantify remediation costs and help restructure investments if needed
  • Demonstrate data security commitment (and compliance) to stakeholders and regulators
  • Quantify compliance with data protection regulation and quantify risks and remedial actions, if needed.

Cyber Due Dilligence for

Pre transaction

Evaluate cybersecurity and privacy management maturity and compliance

Post transaction

Serve as interim Chief Information Security Officer or Data privacy Officer for the firm (e.g. develop policies, promote awareness)

Evaluate nature and risk profile of the data

Evaluate cyber security and privacy risks for the firm’s operation (e.g. risk to Ip, financial data or privacy data lost)

Evaluate cyber readiness to comply with key principles and regulations

Prepare security strategy to meet firm goals and compliance requirements (e.g. GDpR, pCI-DSS, ISO, NIS)

Evaluate third party as well as deep and dark web exposure

Build and manage third party vendor security and risk program

Evaualte cyber insurance coverage

Guide response and recovery efforts to security incidents or data breaches

Even Sophisticated Companies Can be Unprepared
The acquisition target looks great on paper — It has an innovative product, a great sales team and a lean approach to expenses. but when it comes to understanding cybersecurity risk, investors should look deeper than self-disclosures.

Around the world, private equity firms, hedge funds, investment banks and venture capital investors are turning to cybersecurity due diligence services to help make better-informed M&A decisions.

    Cyber risk Due Diligence Overview

    Independent cyber due diligence from Enersec can help assure that the cybersecurity history and outlook at your target company is strong. Our experts can also help identify material cyber-related weaknesses that must be addressed if you are to avoid or fully account for potential post-transaction risks, fines and costly remediation:

  • Identify information security and privacy risks and shortfalls in governance, operations and technology
  • Research undisclosed or unknown data breaches
  • Assess the target’s ability to detect and respond to a cybersecurity incident
  • Quantify potential remediation costs from multiple angles: operational, financial and reputational based on previous or unknown exposures

Pre- and Post-Transaction Services

To provide the most comprehensive coverage, Enersec offers four cyber due diligence modules to help you uncover, assess and address information security risks, both pre- and post-transaction. Each module is customizable for every transaction; additionally, you can select and deploy the combination of services that best matches your risk concerns, speed of the deal, and level of access to the buy- side company.

For organizations seeking to be acquired, positive findings or timely remediation based on these assessments – especially Modules 3 and 4 – can allay potential buyers’ concerns and accelerate a deal's close.

Module #1 – Deep and Dark Web Exposure

Enersec’s works with solution partners that allow to scan the DarkWeb, comparing data that contains over 13 years of indexed dark web data that is supplemented every day by more than 3 million files. This enables us to conduct a deep and dark web assessment of unprecedented scope to identify any exposed data or to uncover previously unknown breaches.

This high-level screening does not need access to an organization's network, so it can be completed quickly and efficiently. This ultimately paves the way for determining how to best remediate any risks.

Module #2 - Compromise Assessment*

Enersec can deploy an endpoint scanning solution only for the duration of the project across all endpoints in the target organization to search and monitor for known bad and unusual behaviors. When endpoint data identifies existing malware or infection points, Enersec’s cyber security experts stand ready to take appropriate steps to contain and respond to threats.

Module #3 – Cyber Risk Assessment

Risk assessments are performed using Enersec’s proprietary methodology built from years of audit and investigations work. We can also adapt our assessments to include industry standard frameworks, such as GDPR, ePrivacy, ISO, NIS, NIST, PCI-DSS, CIS and others to help ensure compliance with all stated regulatory requirements in your sector.

Our framework allows for agile assessments that require minimal input from the target company, but can also include a deeper review given access to internal systems.

Module #4 – Vulnerability Assessment / Penetration Testing*

Our professional penetration testing teams will carry out simulated attacks that include examining systems for exploitable vulnerabilities as well as gauging employee awareness by means of social engineering exercises. These tests will provide measurable insight into the real-world risks your organization faces.

    The VA/Penetration testing team can work from White to Red team, covering:

  • Web applications
  • Mobile applications
  • Back-end applications
  • IT Infrastructure
  • IoT Infrastructure
  • SCADA/ICS/Industrial IoT
  • Social engineering, thru own developed phishing and exploiting tools.

*Assessment is often conducted immediately post-transaction or can be performed pre-transaction by those seeking to be acquired.