We are a technical consulting company, with extensive track record in project management, design and delivery of Renewable Energy plants in Romania. We provide technical/ legal/ business services across the entire lifecycle of the Renewable Energy Plant.

Renewable Energy

Full technical, legal and project management advisory to make the most out of your Wind and Solar Energy Projects.

Energy Storage

Battey energy storage systems equipped with most advanced technologies for technical and commercial optimisation of your Renewable Energy Plant.


Hybrid hyper charging station using bettery energy storage to optimise installation and operation costs.

Energy Storage

Battery Systems

Battery energy storage systems are rechargeable battery systems that store energy from renewables or grid power that can be used as a reliable emergency power backup or for reducing demand charges. They contain advanced technology to provide services such as peak shaving and load shifting or offering short term response to the local electrical network by injecting power when grid disturbances occur.

We accompany our clients through the entire investment process

Pre-investment phase:

  • Evaluation of possible ESS services
  • Business model definition
  • Feasibility study
  • Technical advisory
  • Basic & Conceptual design

Turn-key projects:

Engineering, installation, commissioning and adjustment of:

  • Energy storage system
  • HW and SW for providing ESS services
  • MV transformer substation
  • Connection to any voltage level

Additional services:

  • Energy performance contracting
  • Operation & maintenance
  • Complete service care
  • Placing flexibility in the market

Virtual Power Plant