We believe that blockchain will radically transform how businesses are organized and that decentralized, trustless technology will integrate seamlessly into our future. Leveraging its potential to enhance transparency, scalability and security, we aim to make blockchain easy for you to use and integrate.


From idea to design and development, we can build secure and reliable blockchain applications, to help you create projects that not only look good, but are also functional and dependable.


We can help you identify the potential of blockchain for your organization. We do market research, project feasibility assessment, platform analysis, tools and features prioritization.

Our Products

Custom built blockchain solutions, developed in-house from the ground up according to our quality and security standards. Ready to be customized and integrated as needed.


Given the sensitive and potentially vital nature of data being handled by smart contracts, we deem an information security background to be essential when designing and building decentralised applications, as these oftentimes become the sole focus of bad actors targeting blockchain-enabled organizations.

Decentralized Applications

The blockchain sector rapidly develops new ideas which pushes the ecosystem forward every day. We can help you with the development and implementation of new concepts.

Our experience covers:

  • Notarization & Proof of Existence (PoE)
  • Crypto Asset Custodial Service
  • Supply Chain Solutions
  • Decentralized Marketplaces
  • Payment Gateways
  • Identity Systems
  • Exchange Platform
  • Fundraising Platform
  • Loan Systems

Smart Contracts

Blockchain Smart contracts are actually digital protocols that help you validate conditions of a legal contract or business agreement between two or more consenting parties. We can build your self-executing blockchain contracts to automate your business processes and increase the level of trust manifold. We can help you transition into blockchain smart contracts-based transactions or help you create new solutions from scratch. Whether you want to implement a new idea or transform an existing idea, you can hire us for a reliable delivery.

Features of our smart contracts development services

  • Complete analysis of your needs:
    We will develop smart contracts for your business that will be totally tailored to your specific need. Whether you’re a small enterprise or a big business, we can easily scale our services according to your budget and requirements.
  • Full confidentiality:
    We will work on your smart contracts development project under fully-defined confidentiality clauses. Whatever great idea you want to build upon the blockchain technology, it will be in safe hands when our team works on your project.
  • Development, deployment and support:
    We provide full-circle blockchain development services. From conception to deployment, we will build the smart contracts software, completely set it up for you and also provide ongoing support to make sure that things function smoothly.
  • Ironclad and distributed blockchain smart contracts:
    Once you hire our top smart contracts development team we will build you a distributed trust mechanism that will be immutable and devoid of any human error or mischief.
  • Automated processing of high-trust jobs:
    The smart contracts that we build you will allow you to set up highly complex, pre-defined contract blocks that will usher in a new level of efficiency into your workflow.

Ethereum ERC20 Tokens

Unlike independent cryptocurrencies, an Ethereum ERC20 token does not have its own dedicated blockchain but lives and breathes on Ethereum’s blockchain. It is a standard that is incorporated into your own cryptocurrency. All the powerful features that are present in the Ethereum blockchain automatically become an integral part of your own token. Give a big push to your credibility by allowing ether payments through your own wallet and trading platform.

ERC20 Token Development Feature Highlights

  • Unlimited token creation:
    Our programmers can write source code that will enable you to mine an unlimited number of tokens based on the Ethereum protocol.
  • Full after-deployment support:
    We provide full debugging services after we have deployed and activated your ERC20 tokens so that you can focus on building your business while we take care of the technicalities.
  • Benefit from the inbuilt Ethereum blockchain security and efficiency:
    The tokens and contracts based on the Ethereum blockchain technology inherit all the time-tested features so that, despite having one of the most advanced security and efficiency features, you don’t have to build everything from scratch.
  • Immutability and trustworthiness:
    Ethereum is one of the most advanced blockchain technologies in the contemporary world and even to break one block for data breach or hacking would take millions of years.
  • Raise funds quickly:
    Although highly trusted all over the world, compared to many cryptocurrencies and mining coins, the ERC20 standard is relatively new and hence, people are more enthusiastic about investing in it.